iFlyChat Localization

Here at iFlyChat, we aim to make iFlyChat available to every corner of the world. To make it user friendly, we are trying our level best to localise the chat interface. We have launched iFlyChat in 31 languages.

Introducing Chat Thread History!

It is now possible to access the complete message history of a chat conversation directly from within popup chat window or embedded chat room. You may now load previous messages incrementally by navigating to the top of the thread.

In our web app, simply click on "load more messages" button and the chat would automatically show you previous 15 messages. You may continue to do so again and again until there are no more chat messages to load. :)

iFlyChat Mods for SMF and phpBB

Simple Machines Forum (SMF) and phpBB are two of the most popular forum management systems available these days. Forum softwares are quite useful for building a strong and active community. iFlyChat also aims to do the same. We are strongly dedicated in helping websites build a strong community base with our chat software. So, we thought how useful it will be for forum softwares to have a chat functionality as well.

Internship Experience at iFlyLabs by Prashant Yadav

My internship at iFlyChat was an enriching one. The work was pretty new for me and exciting. The startup atmosphere makes sure that you are given enough responsibility and you learn your way through to finish the job.  Though the work is challenging, it becomes fun due to highly competitive fellow interns and supportive team, who guide you throughout to get the expected output. This helps you bring the best out of you.

Internship Experience at iFlyLabs by Raghav Gupta

I started at iFyLabs as a software engineer intern and my main task was to develop a plugin for a particular CMS so that iFlyChat would run on it. At first, I was a little overwhelmed about the vast number of settings and information but gradually I learned to prioritize and manage my tasks. This is one of the many skills I developed there.

What information is saved on iFlyChat servers?

Recently some customers have inquired about the data stored on iFlyChat servers. We don't store any user login information like password or active session token. We create a different access token for access to iFlyChat servers and then use it for establishing a communication link.

We store following information temporarily: