Steps to install chat on phpBB



  • Step 2:  Log into your phpBB Administrative Control Panel and go to AUTOMOD tab. If you do not have AUTOMOD installed in your ACP then you can download it from here - 

​         Download:




  • Step 3:  Now, upload the downloaded iFlyChat package zip file.


iFlyChat phpBB - Automod



  • Step 4 : Click on 'Install'.

iFlyChat phpBB - Install Mod      


  • Step 5 : Next, click on the specified link as shown below in the screenshot.

iFlyChat phpBB - Install Mod


  • Step 6 : Click on 'Submit' to complete the installation.

iFlyChat phpBB - Submit


  • Step 7 : Next, you need to generate an API key in order to use our servers securely with your website. To do so go to and signup to create a new account.


Signup at


  •  Step 8: Now, go to Dashboard and Generate a new API key for your domain name.


Go to Dashboard


Generate a new API key

Generate a new API key for your domain


  •  Step 9: Copy the newly generated API key.


Copy API key


  •  Step 10: Go back to the ACP and go to .MODS -> iFlyChat Settings and paste the API key in fied as shown below and then click on Save


iFlyChat phpBB- Paste API key



  • That's it.


  • Optional: To Embed Chatroom in a page, click here.