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Back and joint pain.

A month ago, I was not very seriously injured in a sports class, but the pain in the back and joints still does not go away. Please tell me what I can help ease my suffering?

Personally, cbd gummies for

Personally, cbd gummies for pain helped me very well. But I had a headache and it passed quickly enough. I will recommend you CBD ointment with a high content of the active substance. Just apply it to the sore spots and you will soon feel relieved. Ointment helps to relieve inflammation.

It seems I can help you with

It seems I can help you with a solution to this problem. I had similar problems. The doctor told me to wear a 

Abdominal binder that should help you. It helped me after 2 days, I began to feel much better. So I advise

You need to pay attention to

You need to pay attention to the first training after injury. Work with a trainer, he will help you avoid overload. As a relaxant, it'll be very good to take CBD oil. You can see my review here to solve.

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